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Have you signed up to run in the marathon? Tell us your story about why you are running the marathon and we might feature your story on this Web site! Send your story to!

Flying Pig Spotted Over The Grand Canyon!!!
If you have ever seen a crazy woman decked out in a snout...
- Karla Horn
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Why I run in the marathon
I have been a part of the flying pig experience for 5 years.
- Jena Peace
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"'In memory of a friend, in honor of a teacher, in pursuit of a dream.' These are the words that will be printed on the t-shirts that we wear for the marathon."
- Connie Krier
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Coming Home
"I will do the Pig again this year and probably more as a race than a trek down memory lane. I'll still enjoy the serpentine route and challenging hills, thankfully, all in the beginning."
- Dan Moon
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Running for a Friend
"My name is Michael Hauck. I'm running the Pig as my first marathon. I am running in memory of a great friend of mine, Andrew Smith."
- Michael Hauck
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GI in the PIG
"It's no secret that everybody runs in the Army. We rarely run more than 4 miles because of time constraints, but now I am signed up for my second marathon in 5 months!"
- SSG Anthony Garrison
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First San Francisco, Now Cincinnati
"I ran the San Francisco marathon 21 years ago at the age of 23. I can still remember the pain I experienced on mile 22 when we had to run down the steep hill at the Cliff House - ouch!"
- Tom Kimball
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West Side Runner
"This marathon means so much to me mainly because of the route. Last year, I finished 3rd in my age group."
- Jacqueline Garrett
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Hills, Here We Come
"I am from Cincinnati and now live in Indianapolis.  I am bringing some friends down to run the marathon because they do not know what a hill is.  I think they are in for a big shock!"
- Joseph Rohs
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Amazing Marathon Tour
"One thing I have learned in my personal marathon tour this year is that these races are filled with ordinary people doing extraordinary things."
- Wendy Sibley
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Making It a Family Tradition
"My dad asked me to run Cincy again. "Let's go the distance," is how he put it, and I couldn't refuse."
- Rebecca Sturgeon
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26.2 Miles of Storytelling... Again
"We don't run for charity. We don't run for anything inspirational, actually. We don't even run for fitness. We run because 'what's said on the road, stays on the road.'"
- Bruce R. Mendelsohn
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Back from Colorado
"I'm using the marathon as a motivation to bring my kids back to Ohio for a week's stay to introduce them to their father's home state."
- Barry Beck
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Training with SuperPuppy
"I've always trained alone, but this year, I got a new roommate, an 18-month-old puppy named Nakita, who is a 35-pound Shiba Inu/American Eskimo mix."
- Connie Kolita
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