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Why I run in the marathon

I have been a part of the flying pig experience for 5 years. This will be my fourth year running on a relay team and last year I ran the complete marathon. The flying pig has become an important ritual in the lives of my family and friends. We started out with only one relay team in the beginning and now we have grown to three, made up of friends, siblings, and significant others. Every year we travel down to the expo together and make a wonderful day out of it and then on Saturday night we have a big pasta party for all our family and friends. We are big on tradition.

What I am truely excited about this year is that my two very best friends and I are each heading up a relay team by running the first leg together. We are doing this race to help celebrate our 30th birthday and this will be the first time we have run all together. We have been best friends for over sixteen years, have shared so many experiences and we cant imagine not doing this together!

I am also dedicating this race to Steve Cummins who passed away this past September. He was a strong community member, teacher, and coach. Last year he participated in the flying pig as well. His children will be participating in our relay teams and his wife will be running in the full marathon. Jill Cummins is a five year participant and one of my role models!

This is such a wonderful experience to share with those that you love!

Jena Peace