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Flying Pig Spotted Over The Grand Canyon!!!

If you have ever seen a crazy woman decked out in a snout, tu-tu and wings running and sometimes leaping in the Flying Pig Marathon, that "crazy" would be me! What can I say except that if I'm gonna be out there for 26.2 miles, I'm gonna have some fun!

To give you a bit of "Pig-History"....back in '99 when Leukemia and Lymphoma Society teammate and friend, Bob Coughlin, unleashed his creative genius in the conception and realization of the Flying Pig Marathon...I thought to myself, is this an opportunity to "ham it up" or what!
Seriously, I wanted to come up with a memorable and fun way to celebrate my beloved Mother,Iris's memory, who we lost to cancer in 1992 and to celebrate the "lighter side" of Cincinnati's rich history!

My dear friend, Helga Bucher lent her seamstress talents in the creation of my tu-tu and wings...throw in a snout, ears and a cork screw tail and THE PIG - as my friend's affectionately call me - was born! Are we having fun yet or what?!! You bet-cha!! More fun than a pig in poop! The crowd's hysterical reaction to the sight of me can be down right embarrassing! In fact, seeing as I was hogging all the attention and having tu-tu much fun, my running buddies, Amy Schmidt and Mary Beth Danker succumbed to tu-tus of their own. I am the only one who "snouts-up" though, Amy tried it one year but it wasn't pretty! Believe it or not, there is a real art to running 26.2 miles in a snout!

After being a permanent oddity in every PIG, this Piggy bid a sad farewell to the Queen City in the running of the 2003 marathon. I called Cincinnati home for over two decades, but I hoofed it out west for a career change. I am in "hog heaven" living here in the idyllic mountain town of Flagstaff Arizona. But I must admit that this PIG is squealing with delight at the thought that come this May, I will once again be able to run through the streets of my beloved "Porkopolis"!

THE PIG IS BACK!! (even if it is for just a visit!)

Karla Horn
Flagstaff, Arizona