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Tom Kimball

I ran the San Francisco marathon 21 years ago at the age of 23. The course was different then compared to the current course. The organizers had us running across both the Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge and EVERY SF hill in between. I can still remember the pain I experienced on mile 22 when we had to run down the steep hill at the Cliff House - ouch! Anyway, after crossing the finish line, I swore I would never ever run another marathon.

My father was an avid runner and served as a support person during my SF marathon (mostly supplying liberal amounts of Vaseline for me). He died unexpectedly and suddenly last year at the age of 69. He never ran in a marathon. Although my mother just told me that he was kind of envious of me during the SF marathon and wishing he could run in a marathon too, he never fulfilled this dream.

I am now about the same age as my father was during his support of me. I'm running The Flying Pig in his memory.

Tom Kimball