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Joseph Rohs

I am from Cincinnati and now live in Indianapolis.  I am bringing some friends down to run the marathon because they do not know what a hill is.  I think they are in for a big shock! 

This is my last marathon (5th) and I wanted it to be on my home soil.  I took the Metro 20 downtown for many years.  When I was a kid I used to go to the Reds games - the Foster, Morgan, Rose, Bench years. Later, I took it to work when I graduated from Miami.  This marathon will be running past my high school (St. Ursula Academy), post-college residence (East Walnut Hills), family member's home (Hyde Park), and sunken Lunken (where many times I have played golf). 

I am so excited to show my city off to my friends and have my family come to their first marathon to cheer me on. 

Joseph Rohs