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The SQUEAL : May, 2009
The latest and greatest news from the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon
THE SQUEAL is the free e-mail newsletter of the
11th Annual Flying Pig Marathon

The Daily Squeal Countdown

Crossroads is Back!

A marathon favorite, the Crossroads Choir from Evansville, Indiana, returns to the Flying Pig Marathon course this year! Crossroads will be along the final stretch of the marathon, at Johnson Electric, 1841 Eastern Avenue. You'll find new energy as Crossroads' 'heavenly inspiration' gives you a boost just before the finish line. Welcome, Crossroads!

New chips

No, not at the recovery area, but on your feet when you register.

The Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon will be using the IPICO Sports Chip Timing System to provide runners with accurate split times throughout the course and finish times. It'll look more like a half of a credit card, than the usual round chip you might be used to seeing. Chip mats will be placed at the Start, relay exchange zones and Finish. If you don't return the chip, it's a $35 replacement fee, due no later than 30 days after the event.

Be part of the "Flying Pen Marathon" with Women Writing for (a) Change!

The Flying Pig Marathon is proud to partner with Cincinnati's Women Writing for (a) Change for its first "Flying Pen Marathon," a four-hour writing event on Marathon weekend Saturday, May 2, to be held at the Women Writing for (a) Change center at 6906 Plainfield Road in Silverton. Bring pens, paper or your laptop, and write away!

Since 1991 Women Writing for (a) Change has supported the lives of women and girls for whom writing is, or might become, an important spiritual, creative and therapeutic practice. Women and girls ages 9-95 have attended classes, writing retreats and workshops in which they experience the inspiration and safety created by expert teacher-facilitators, and a vibrant, hospitable container for evoking what is theirs to tell.

For information on the "Flying Pen Marathon," visit We're glad to be part of the "Flying Pen Marathon!"

Be a great 'Street Squealer'

We've talked a lot to the participants about how to prepare for the Pig, but what about the folks who come to cheer you on? More than 150,000 are expected to line the streets for the Marathon, and if your family will be out there, here's what they can do to encourage you, and everyone else, to do their best: Make noise to encourage the runners: Cheer, clap, play music or make your own music. Identify with the runners, they are completing a very difficult task. Praise the runners individually. (Ex: "Go number one! You're doing great!") Many runners put their names on their shirts. Cheer by name. He or she will truly appreciate it. Locate your cheering section on a hill or more challenging portion of the course. (Eastern/Riverside Avenue always has plenty of space for cheering squads!) These are the places that the runners will need the most encouragement. Make distinctive signs and move to different locations throughout the course. Believe it or not, runners will remember you and it will encourage them to keep going. Do something to make runners smile. Laugh, sing, dance or do tricks such as juggling. It may put the runners at ease for a few moments. Have a party with friends and/or neighbors if the course travels past your area. Most importantly, have fun!

Volunteers, 3,700 and counting

And that's probably a conservative number! From the water stops to the 'ham' radio operators, our volunteer 'grunts' make the Flying Pig Marathon a special event. They work before, during and after Marathon weekend to make sure you enjoy the Pig and, more importantly, that you stay safe. If you have a chance, say hello to the 'grunts' along the course and give them a 'thank you.' Without them, it wouldn't be the great event that it is!

Getting to the "Pig"

If you're coming in from out of town and haven't made reservations yet, now's a good time to do it (and beat the 14-day fare cutoff). The airport is located south of the city in Northern Kentucky, but it is only a 10 minute drive to downtown Cincinnati. Transportation from the airport is available through Executive Transportation. Reservations are required. Call 1-800-990-8841 to make reservations.

For those staying at the recommended hotels, a rental car is not necessary as most of the Marathon Weekend activities are within walking distance (the Expo/Packet Pick-Up, start and finish). Also, the River Rats provide fun (and fuel efficient) pedi-cab transportation in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati riverfront area.

Spectator sites

Want to find the best places to watch the Marathon? The start at Paul Brown Stadium offers viewing on the stadium concourse as well as ground level. Walk up Central north of the Stadium and see the runners come by again, then walk east to the foot of the Taylor-Southgate Bridge for another great viewing spot.

Eden Park has a number of convenient viewing areas where spectators can park and walk a short distance to several spots along the course. At the Eden Park gazebo, runners start their quest to the Overlook area, where runners and spectators alike enjoy a panoramic view of the river and downtown Cincinnati.

Madison Road in O'Bryonville is a convenient drive from Eden Park and again offers street parking for anyone looking to cheer their favorite runners. Neighbors come out early in the race to line the sidewalks.

Come to Hyde Park Square if you want to party! Bring your firepans, noisemakers and party hats to encourage the runners. Hyde Park is famous for his spectator areas so join the residents and celebrate the Pig.

You'd be hard pressed to find a more scenic neighborhood along the course than Mariemont. This quaint village offers tree-lined streets and a village square that will serve as a great place to get a glimpse of the runners as the route loops around to head back downtown.

The Finish Line will be the final destination for most spectators, as well as runners. There is plenty of room along the Finish Line area on the north side of U.S. Bank Arena. Spectators can get a bird's eye view of the action on the Arena concourses.

Find your place in line

The Flying Pig Marathon starting line remains on Mehring Way, on the south side of Paul Brown Stadium, about half way between Elm and Central. Because of the increased number of participants, the wider areas of the streets will ease crowding in the first few yards of the event. There will be five corrals along the starting line. The first four will be fenced, with the elite runners closest to the starting line. The last one will be open. Each corral will be organized by runners' expected finish times. There will be large lit signs with finish times posted by each corral and they will be "self-policed." Make sure you choose the group that's closest to your expected time. That will make the experience a lot more fun for you, and your fellow participants!

Entertainment every mile (and then some!)

We want to make sure you enjoy your Pig experience, so we've stocked the Marathon and PNC Half Marathon routes with everything from full bands to cheerleading squads! Watch for Elvis along the first half of the Marathon and our gospel choir from Evansville, Indiana, along the last half. We hope they'll put a smile on your face and a spring in your step!

If you know a band that would like play along the course, email us at

Lookin' Good!

Today's tip is guaranteed to make you smile at the finish line. We'll be taking your photo there, and this year we want the ladies to look especially good at the finish. Cover Girl will provide a "Lipstick on a Pig" stop just before the finish line so you can look your best!

Also, be sure your race number is visible at all times on the front of what you are wearing so we can identify you. The same goes for along the course, where photographers from the Marathon and media outlets will be snapping your smiling face as you clip off the miles. And it doesn't hurt to write your name on your running shirt as well, so our "Street Squealers" can call out your name as they give you encouragement.

Running to recover

We mentioned earlier that more than 125 charities and non-profits are involved in Marathon weekend. This year the City Gospel Mission is involved in a new effort, "Run for the One." More than 50 staff members, participants at the Mission and volunteers will be part of the Flying Pig team, participating in the Fleet Feet Sports 5K on Saturday or in the Marathon on Sunday. Watch for their team and cheer them on!

And this reminder...

GU is the "Official Energy Gel" of the Flying Pig Marathon. Look for the GU display at the expo and at mile 17 on race day!

Reminder About Clothing

For those carrying extra clothing, put your extra gear, in your goodie bags, in the marked school buses along Central Avenue- look for the signs- and then retrieve your gear bag from the same bus from baggage claim, past the finish line. Anything left at the start will be donated to charity.

Reminder About Clothing

For those carrying extra clothing, put your extra gear, in your goodie bags, in the marked school buses along Central Avenue- look for the signs- and then retrieve your gear bag from the same bus from baggage claim, past the finish line. Anything left at the start will be donated to charity.

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