Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon
Ernst & Young Kids Marathon 26th Mile Event, presented by EY

Saturday, May 2, 2015, 12 noon, 2nd Street & Joe Nuxhall Way

Kids Marathon This is a fantastic opportunity for school aged children to complete full marathon distance, in increments, during the months leading up to The Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon. Kids also learn to make healthy nutrition choices and exercise their brains with reading. It’s all about being smart, eating well and moving more; healthy habits that we hope will stick around for good. In addition, The Flying Pig Kids’ Marathon 26th Mile is a special event on Saturday, May 2, 2015 where these kids can complete the 26th mile of their incremental marathon on the actual Flying Pig Marathon course finish line.

Kids Marathon 26th Mile event will not have Saturday Race Day registration. Late registrations must be picked up either at the expo on Friday or on-site at the race on Saturday.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the FPKM program:

How will the “wave” start work?

The Kids Marathon 26th Mile has over 4,000 participants. Most are in an organized group. We have assigned groups to 1 of 6 waves that will go off in about 6-8 minute intervals, beginning at 12 noon. This is to keep the finish line flowing smoothly and the children safe. If you are not part of a group, you can self-seed yourself into one of the wave starts.

Can a parent run/walk with their child?

In order to insure the utmost safety and security for all participants, spectators, staff, volun- teers and officials, we ask that all people on any Flying Pig Marathon race course be an officially registered participant, or an official volunteer. If your child is not part of an organized group with chaperones, you may wish to stay with them on the course or have a clear plan for meeting after the finish. Adults can register online or at the expo. No race day registration on site will be available for the Kids 26th Mile.

How do we see the children finish and where do they exit?

The finish line needs to be a safe and secure place. Unfortunately we cannot allow spectators access inside the finish area. Once they cross the Finish”Swine”, they will be directed to chutes that will keep them moving towards their medals, and recovery snacks. They will exit eventually at the corner of Broadway and Mehring Way near the big red Paddle Wheel monument. It is a good idea for you to show this area to your child before the race. A great place to view the finish is from above on the plaza level of the US Bank Arena.

What do I do with my Hog Log?

We would love to see all those miles, nutrition challenges and reading minutes that on logs. Bring us your Hog Log and we will congratulate you with 2 free tickets to The Reds game for Friday May 9th, our annual Cincinnati Reds night at the BallPORK! To get your tickets, give your Hog Log to your group leader OR to the expo on Friday May 2nd, OR bring your Hog Log to the Nutrition Council booth after the 26th Mile at Yeatman‛s Cove. Details on the Reds ticket offer on our web- site,

What if we cannot attend the 26th Mile?

If you cannot be there on May 3rd, we hope you will complete your marathon on your own in grand fashion. But if you need your medal, just send us an email after the weekend is over and we will let you know if we have any left.
Be Smart, Eat Well & Move More!
Learn Healthy Habits for Life!
  • For additional nutrition tips and great healthy eating resources, including their cookbook, “More Delicious and Still Nutritious” go
  • For fun reading resources including Flying Pig Kids’ Marathon booklists, electronic storybooks and jokes contributed by kids visit The Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County’s kids’ website: