Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon
Metro Helps Green the Pig Go Metro Metro is waiting to meet your transportation needs while in town for the Flying Pig events.

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The Flying Pig Marathon is partnering with Metro to provide a Flying Pig Day Pass for Sunday, May 3, 2015. The pass will allow you to ride the Metro all day Sunday for one fee of $4.50. Use the pass to ride the bus to various locations on the course to cheer on your participant. Or after the race, ride the bus to nearby neighborhoods for a celebratory dinner. Passes will be available at the Green Zone of the P&G Health & Fitness Expo.

How to be a great spectator:

  • Make noise to encourage the runners: cheer, clap, play music or make your own music.
  • Identify with the runners. They are completing a very difficult task. Praise the runners individually. (Ex: "Go number one! You're doing great!") He or she will truly appreciate it.
  • Stay positive in your cheering. (No 'boo's, please!)
  • Locate your cheering section on a hill or more challenging portion of the course. These are the places that the runners will need the most encouragement.
  • Make distinctive signs and move to different locations throughout the course. Believe it or not, runners will remember you and it will encourage them to keep going.
  • Do something to make runners smile. Laugh, sing, dance or do tricks such as juggling. It may put the runners at ease for a few moments.
  • Have a party with friends and/or neighbors if the course travels past your area.

Other tips to keep in mind:

  • Prepare for the weather. It may be cool in the morning but warm up by noon. You want to be sure to be able to stay to cheer on the runners in the back of the pack as well.
  • If you see a runner who appears to need some help or medical attention, please try to remember his or her race number and inform a course monitor or fluid station volunteer. If the runner's injury looks serious, please try to find a police officer on the course.
  • Please do not crowd the runners by standing in the street, especially in the earlier miles. This may cause a back up for the runners and make the marathon more difficult.
  • If a runner does not smile back or talk to you, please do not take this personally. The runner may be deep in concentration, fatigued or in pain. Lack of response is usually not for lack of appreciation.
  • There is plenty of water on the course at the fluid stations, but if it is a warm day, a runner may ask to be sprayed down with a hose. However, be certain that he or she is asking to get wet before spraying them.
  • Keep in mind that the runners in the back of the pack need the most encouragement, as they will be out there the longest. Be sure to cheer for them as well!