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Flying Pig Charity Program Summary
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The Flying Pig Marathon Charity Program provides four (4) avenues for charities to utilize the Flying Pig events (5K, 10K, Open Relay, Half-marathon, Full Marathon, 3-Way & 4-Way) as a fundraiser.  Over the last 15 years, the Flying Piganthropy program has helped participating charities to collectively raise over $11 million.

The four (4) levels of participation are briefly described here:
Partner Level (Porkner Level) – The traditional methods of having participants “run/walk for the cause”.  Participants can use the events listed above to collect pledges, solicit sponsors, build teams and challenges, etc.  All funds raised by the participants go directly to the charity.  The Flying Pig will also provide the charity with special perks such as registration rebates (once fundraising goal is achieved), participant registration discount code, complimentary online team fundraising page, complimentary post-race party booth and charity recognition on the Flying Pig website and Facebook page.  Beginning in 2014, the charity MUST have raised $5,000 or more in a past Flying Pig Marathon weekend in order to participate at the Partner Charity Level.

Associate Level (Asowciate Level) – Charities that are new to raising money through the Flying Pig or charities who have not yet reached $5,000 in fundraising through the Flying Pig, may participate at this level.  Similar to the Partner Level, charities can raise funds by having their participants collect pledges, etc. and all funds raised go directly to the charity.  Associate Level charities will receive a  complimentary online team fundraising page and recognition on the Flying Pig website.  Charities that raise $5,000 or more at this Level will be offered the opportunity to become a Partner Level the following year.

Volunteer Level (Grunts) – The most popular level of raising funds for charity is by becoming one of the 150+ volunteer groups that comprise the over 5000 volunteers needed to make the Pig run!  Volunteer groups representing charities provide the Marathon Weekend with much needed and critical operating assistance.  All facets of the event involve volunteers.  Volunteers must be at least 14 years of age, receive a collector t-shirt, and the groups will be assigned a job at which the entire charity group will work the same duty, same general location, same time.  In appreciation of the volunteers’ efforts, the Flying Pig will make a direct donation to the charity and recognition on the Flying Pig website.

Raffle Level (Piggest Raffle Ever) – This level of charity participation is probably the easiest manner of involvement, but requires the charity to continually and consistently promote their participation in the Piggest Raffle Ever. Charities wishing to participate in the Piggest Raffle Ever must fill out and send in an application. The Pig Staff will then post the charity’s name in a drop-down menu at the secure website The charity must then promote the website and ask their constituents to go there and “adopt” pigs on their behalf. Pigs cost $5 each and 100% of that money goes in the form of a donation back to the charity and the person “adopting the pigs” has a chance to win some fabulous prizes! Organizations may also choose to sell paper raffle tickets which are available in increments of 50 tickets and requires a check or credit card deposit to reserve the tickets. Charities will also receive recognition on the Flying Pig website.