Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon
Piggest Raffle Ever Charity
Piggest Raffle Ever
The winners of the Ham It Up Contest are as follows:
1st Place - Josh Cares (Mile 23 by the LeBlond Rec Center)
2nd Place - LLS Team in Training (Mile 15 at Settle and Murray)
3rd Place - Boy Scout Troop 445 (Mile 19 at Eastern and Russell)

The judges were Krysti Barnhill, Tom McGill and Kyle Shumate.


  • Opportunity to raise money through online sales or from ticket sales in Piggest Raffle Ever as outlined in Flying Pig Charity Program Summary
  • Flying Pig Website Listing (name & hyperlink to organization)
  • Use of Flying Pig Marathon logo for promotions
  • Booth Space at Yeatman’s Cove Charity Village (Optional). Price is $100 and includes 10’x10’ booth, 1 table and 2 chairs.
  • Expo exhibitor discount (Optional).  Price is $425 which is 50% of regular expo exhibitor price.
  • Merchandise/team wear purchase opportunity through Brand Evolutions, official merchandiser of the Flying Pig Marathon


  • Complete Raffle Charity Level application by April 1, 2014
  • Provide proof of non-profit status
  • Charity MUST be willing to promote Piggest Raffle Ever continually and consistently through traditional communications, social and electronic media asking their donors to “adopt pigs” on their behalf.
Download the Piggest Raffle Ever Application

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