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Training Program - Starting the Training Plan


Training Calendar
Starting the 17 Week Training Period

I would recommend at a minimum that you try to train at least 4 days per week. Doing something everyday is OK as long as you are recovering from your QD sessions. I would put a limit of 5 QD per two-week period. Trying to do more is asking for trouble. Your body may not be able to handle that much intensity.

This is a time and mileage based program. Each can be used. You will note that the program is progressive. Certain components, repetitions or mileage, gradually increase. Every 3 or 4 weeks there is an easier week. This is done in order to preplan rest periods for you. It gives your body an opportunity to recover and get stronger.

I typically list four suggested weekly training workouts in the following schedule. If you follow them and want to do more, I recommend that they be recovery workouts. Cross training will do as well as SSR or MRR. Do the workouts on days convenient to you.

Try to give yourself the maximum available rest in between QD. Do not do QD workouts on back-to-back days. There is not enough opportunity to recover. Complete your five QD every two weeks, recover on the other days, and see yourself improve.

If injury, illness, kids, etc. prevent you from completing some workouts, do not try to "catch up" the missing time. Just resume from where you were and continue.

The quotes that you see are from the excellent book by Mark Will-Weber, The Quotable Runner.